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The Playhouse As It Was
a Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Playhouse when it was known as the Howmet Playhouse, look behind the scenes! Make sure you take a peek at the 100-year old curved plaster cyclorama (the back wall of the stage), which is a rarity in American theaters today. When on the stage, also look up and see our hemp and sandbag rigging system—all manually moved. This type of rigging is also a rarity in America these days.

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We hope that this virtual tour of our historic playhouse will entice you to visit us in person to see the new Playhouse at White Lake. Your comments are welcome. Plan to visit us soon, we would love to have you join us in person! Thanks to Fotohuis Photography for making this virtual tour a reality!

(and we hope to develop a virtual tour of the newly renovated Playhouse at White Lake)