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The Night I Died at The Palace Theatre


WLYT LogoFeaturing WLYT alum and WLYT Council Coordinator Alexx Evergreen in his first directing role with high school students, this hilarious murder mystery offers many great opportunities for actors to sink their teeth into funny and fabulous roles. 12 character parts are available of any gender identities. Rehearsals will run Tuesday through Thurs from 6 to 8 PM and the production will be performed three times over the weekend of November 18 through 20. Find the application form below.


Play Synopsis

The Palace Theatre actors are just getting ready to rehearse the final scene for their latest production, "I Ain't Got No Body," when they run into a snag. The director who wrote the play is found dead onstage. Lois is shocked into an allergy attack! Ava faints! Luther orders a pizza! There's a lot of disbelief among the troupe until it becomes quite evident that Dexter Allan has, indeed, shuffled off this mortal coil. Not only that, he owed several of the actors a lot of money. "I know you can't take it with you," Gordon moans, "but apparently you can take somebody else's!" And then Frances dies! Only she doesn't really die. And then the pizza kid shows up. Only he really isn't the pizza kid. The one thing they all are sure of is their director is dead … or is he? Timothy accuses Gordon! Glenda accuses Dana! Luther can't figure out where his pizza is. And baby-faced detective Jimmy Todd has to put together all the clues. Maybe, thinks Jimmy, there are clues in the play they are producing. After all, Dexter wrote it. Was he trying to leave a hint? Or was he murdered for what was in that missing final scene? Clues intermingle with unveiled threats as cast member turns against cast member. Who heard Dexter's final words? Who kept threatening him for all to hear? And just when is Luther going to get his pizza anyway?

Come to auditions to find out and enjoy a gathering of teenage actors here for fun!

Workshop Fee

$95 (due at the first read-through; need-based scholarships are available)

Auditions, Rehearsals, Tech Week

Auditions will be held on Tuesday and Thursday, September 14 and 16, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 pm at The Playhouse

Open to students ages 10 to 18 including new high school graduates

Rehearsals begin immediately after casting and rehearsals are mandatory. Rehearsals will run 2 weekday evenings, Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 pm at The Playhouse.

Tech Week will be in the evenings during the week of production, November 15 through 20

››Download the Audition Form (which includes detailed information)*

*Click on the links to view the files. Each will open as PDF.

* Adobe Reader is required to open and view PDF documents. Depending upon your browser, the downloaded document will either open in a new window or be downloaded directly to your computer. You may then print it and/or save it to your computer.


There will be three performances:

  • Thursday and Friday, January 6 and 7, at 7:00 PM
  • Saturday, January 8, at 2:00 PM

This show will be directed by Alexx Evergreen

Questions? Concerns?

Do you have questions or concerns? If so, please contact Beth Beaman, Managing Director of the Playhouse, at 231-893-0119, or contact her via the Contact Form on this website.

Get Involved!

We hope that you can be involved! If you or someone you know is interested in assisting with WLYT, through costuming, set dressing, props creation, general crowd control for performances, or anything else, please contact Beth as described in the preceding paragraph. We’d love to have you and would appreciate the help!