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Welcome to Shelter in Place Theatre, a creative project born of an interesting era, when we cannot provide you with the live entertainment we've been dreaming and planning for the Spring at The Playhouse at White Lake. While our recently renovated theatre sits empty, we still want so much to remain connected to you, our community. To support those efforts, and the ongoing needs of the Playhouse during these times, we've been partnering with Playhouse performers of the past to create some new content for you!

We hope this will help us to stay in touch, as we work to create brand new entertainment for Playhouse audiences to enjoy from the comfort of home.

Fresh content will be added each Friday, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel before watching! Have you always wanted to perform for an audience? If so, send us a video of you for others to enjoy as part of Shelter in Place Theatre.

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May 22, 2020

Waiting for Godot-Covid Edition 
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The Playhouse at White Lake Presents: Shelter in Place Theatre's Waiting for Godot-Covid Edition In this time of the pandemic, we were fortunate to come across these two talented patchcord actors who have been out of work. Fortunately for us, they are both ready to attach themselves to our project and were nearly unbendable in their commitment to help. They were like buchram in their excitement and ready to adhere to our direction in performing these abbreviated classics. Enjoy!

We hope that you enjoy this video, that watching it will instill hope and, most importantly, increase our connection to you, our community. Although it is important that we continue to respect social distancing at this time, we can still join together in our love of the arts.

Relive These Videos

May 15, 2020

How to Paint Bricks with Claire Beaman 
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This week's Shelter in Place Theatre entertainment presents Claire Beaman showing you the tips and tricks that Scenic Designers use to paint bricks.

Claire will complete her degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production at Western Michigan University in December 2020. She has designed more than 20 shows for The Playhouse at White Lake and will be joining us for the 2020 season, From Our House to Yours.

May 8, 2020

Chris Kuebler Plays The Cowboy Song 
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This week's Shelter in Place Theatre entertainment offers a traditional ukulele tune from Chris Kuebler.

Chris has been an amateur singer/songwriter for most of his life. He says he was a terrible guitar player for many, many years before switching to 4-string instruments, which he plays exclusively these days—baritone ukulele and tenor guitar. He has recorded several albums of original music over the years under the moniker BROKENcUP.

In addition to his work as Communications Director for True North Community Services, he is actively involved with local community theater, acting and directing in the past for LionHeart Community Theater and performing onstage at the Frauenthal with the Muskegon Civic Theater.

May 1, 2020

Spoken Word and Creative Movement 
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This week's Shelter in Place Theatre presentation brings creative movement and spoken word in a lush, natural West Michigan backdrop from Hannah Jurcich, filmed by Patrick Johnson. Hannah is Whitehall native, born and raised. She moved out West for some years and then came back to reconnect with her homeland and community. Fast forward a couple of years, and she’s now on a mission to share her love for movement and art through various embodiment practices and projects within the community. You can find her working on innovative movement offerings under the name CereMotion, a project dedicated to experiencing life through sacred embodiment. Dance, yoga, and everything in between is happening there. If you're on Instagram, you can follow along with her live choreography, yoga classes or women's circles there. Hannah also teaches for our White Lake Youth Theatre program, and recently choreographed for Velveteen Rabbit at the Playhouse. Patrick is also a Whitehall native, where he works as a freelance photographer and videographer. He has a special talent for documenting the human experience and giving his viewers a personal connection to the intimate stories he captures. He can be contacted for wedding photography, commercials for local businesses, YouTube blogs, and the creation of more creative content under PSJ Media.

April 24, 2020

Erin Peyer and RJ Nordlund
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This week's Shelter in Place Theatre presentation comes from Erin Peyer and RJ Nordlund. Erin is the Director of the Arts Council of White Lake-Nuveen Center. She has been sheltering in place with her partner, Rj Nordlund, in Muskegon where they can work virtually. RJ is the Brewmaster and part-owner of North Grove Brewers, a newly opened brewery in Montague. In this video they perform All Your Favorite Bands by Dawes, with Erin on piano and RJ on vocals. Enjoy this week's musical Shelter in Place Theatre from Erin and RJ, and special thanks to these talented friends.

April 17, 2020

Richard King and Kimberly Harsch
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This week's Shelter in Place Theatre presentation comes from the father-daughter duo Richard King of the popular band, Oat Bran Boys, and Kimberly Harsch, a professional actress and director. (The presentation includes a special appearance by Lynn King.) Enjoy this take on Feeeeeever from the inside of their quarantine!

April 10, 2020

Eric and Karen Smith
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This week’s Shelter in Place Theatre presents inspiration from locally-loved musicians Eric and Karen Smith, with a beautiful cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water.

April 3, 2020

The Four Yorkshiremen by Shelter in Place Theatre
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The Four Yorkshiremen is a comedy sketch that parodies nostalgic conversations about humble beginnings or difficult childhoods. It features four men from Yorkshire who reminisce about their upbringing. As the conversation progresses they try to outdo one another, and their accounts of deprived childhoods become increasingly absurd.

We hope it makes you laugh and brings a sense of connection to these familiar performers who so many of so thoroughly enjoy.

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